Klaroline caps series: 3.15

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Titanium: Prologue

Klaus Mikaelson; mysterious, cool, media magnate. Caroline
Forbes; ambitious but humble young woman with bright future in her career. When the two meets in unexpected meetings. He wasn’t what she expected. She was deeper than he’s ever imagined. AU/series.

Thank you Nicole for the cover.

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get to know me: [1/5] favorite male characters: clint barton

"You don’t understand. Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Take you out and stuff something else in? You know what it’s like to be unmade?"

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” She’s the most optimistic individual I’ve ever met in my whole life. “ Paul Wesley on Candice Accola

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Thank you for Cindy, for the awesome fanfic poster.

Mr.and Mrs. Mikaelson: Chapter 12

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Klaroline style, need I say more?

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favorite tvd scenes [17/?]

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You said if you could have your way

You’d make a night time of today

So it’d suit the mood of your soul

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The Tudors Favorites Costumes  Anne´s bronze? and purple gown

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I’m a terrible, awful person but I’m working on it

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♥ Favorite romantic ship from the series: Lily & Lo

"This isn’t pretend anymore, is it?" We spent three years playing house together before we became an official couple. Lines between our relationship and our worlds have always blurred. Like one foot in an alternate reality and one in Earth-616.

"No, love." Lo tilts my chin up so I meet his swirling amber eyes. "This is real."

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Marissa: Who are you?

Ryan: Whoever you want me to be.

Marissa: Okay.

Marissa: Hey, can I bum a cigarette?

Marissa: So, what are you doing here, seriously?

Ryan: Seriously? I stole a car. Crashed it. Actually my brother did. Since he had a gun and drugs on him he’s in jail. I got out and my Mom threw me out. She was pissed off and drunk. So Mr. Cohen took me in.

Marissa: You’re their cousin from Boston, right?

Ryan: Right.

The OC, 1x01 “The Pilot”

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Ugh, Christ. Honestly I hate that almost every meta I’ve done about TO since the hiatus started has been some variation of an anti Hayley feminist rant, but after seeing all this stuff about Thomas Galvin, legitimate TV blogger, saying that Hayley needs to kick some ass to improve her character, I…

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we own a motel, Norman Bates

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Story: Mr and Mrs Mikaelson

Written By: proudesian

Main Pairings: Klaroline

Rating: M

Status: Incomplete

:- Mr. and Mrs. Smith Klaroline style, need I say more?

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