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Caroline and Enzo - TVD 5x18 “Resident Evil”

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Beauty has a name, and it is Caroline Forbes

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Get to know me meme - [1/10] favorite movies: How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days (2003)

"You can’t lose something you never had."

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The Vampire Diaries + The Great Houses of Westeros [inspiration]

Dedicated to Sam!

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you wanted a SPIES AU, so here it is, darling.
[Caroline, Hayley, Rebekah, Elena, Bonnie; The Originals; ensemble; some K/C] + 15k words

Hayley says, “Nobody could have anticipated this. We weren’t made or anything. In and out clean. The miniscule detail that we kind of kidnapped a government operative is just going to have to blow ov—”

“Not a government operative,” Rebekah interrupts. A pause, a sheepish admission. “My family is evil.”

Elena, patron saint of disbelief, asks, “What do you mean evil?”

“Like Refuse-to-pay-taxes evil? Assign-their-daughter-to-infiltrate-spy-school evil?” As soon as Bonnie says this everyone’s immediately on their feet, not exactly crowding Rebekah, but not giving much space to move should she choose to run either. Caroline hopes she doesn’t run. While fighting in stilettos had come in handy - what with their sharp points and ability to pierce the most tender of body parts - they also gave her a shitload of blisters, and imagine the mess if they burst untimely.

“No,” Rebekah says mournfully. She doesn’t even look offended that they’re eyeing her like she might be like, a double agent. Or something.

“What, No, they pay taxes or No, I’m not a double agent?” Caroline demands.

“I’m not a double agent,” Rebekah snaps, scowling. “My family’s just evil. They steal for sport, they kill for power. Other than that they’re pretty good citizens. No overdue mortgages. Finn goes to church on Sundays. And I’m pretty sure they pay taxes.”

( AO3 | FF.NET )

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Drabble: This is the way the world ends


Because of this.

The world didn’t end in a whimper, it ended in a bang.

So different from what that poem she had spent hours dissecting for class sophomore year had said would happen. Though maybe it was both considering the gun that erupted in the distance, bullet careening into her mother’s head before Caroline even knew what was happening was met by the smallest of cries from her own mouth.

Who brought a gun to a supernatural showdown? Well, aside from her mother who wasn’t supposed to be there but as Sheriff seemed to show up at the most inopportune times every now and then. But these were witches, Travelers, a hybrid, a hunter, and vampires. One of them having a gun with actual bullets in it wasn’t something she expected to happen. Spells were usually thrown, teeth bared, claws flashed in this sort of thing.

Though she remembered a time a while back—a year, maybe more—having a gun pointed at her head, trigger pulled and killing her in an instant. She’d woken back up, only to be tortured, but it rattled around in her head that she should have known, should have foreseen something like this happening.

The length of time that it took to get to her mother’s side, her own pinnacle role in the battle completely forgotten, seemed to grow with each step, the world seemingly slowing to a standstill around her. Even though it raged on as she moved, her focus on her mother who was collapsing to the ground, the rest of them battling out for whatever reason. Caroline couldn’t remember any more.

She caught Liz before she hit the ground, collapsing to her knees as she cradled her mother in her arms. It wasn’t a body. There was still hope, she could fix this. She had to fix this. Wrist to her mouth in an instant, biting into with all of her strength and then pressing the bloody mess to her mother’s lips. They didn’t react, reminding her all too quickly of another night in their home, Liz dying on the floor and unreceptive to drinking blood.

The bullet hole to her mother’s head didn’t mean a thing. She could stop that, could heal it, all she needed to do was get the blood in her system. Who cared if she couldn’t hear her mother’s heartbeat, that her chest wasn’t rising and falling? That didn’t matter. It didn’t mean that she was too late. It was going to be okay. She’d make sure of it.

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 KOL MIKAELSON 5x18 ~ I got to say, It’s good to be seen.

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“You know why he had so much fun in the 20’s, Stefan? Because we didn’t care. We just did what felt good.. drinking, feeding, sex.”

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Appreciation of Candice Accola’s bikinis
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|Hannibal!AU| Hannibal and Will take part in Masterchef. The results are far from surprising

"They ask me to make this meringue. I hate baking."
"Will, let’s go!"
"So I bring my plate, they see it. Ramsay is a bit offended."
"What the fuck is that?"
"They taste it and, of course, it’s horrible."
"Not even a dog would fucking eat it."
"Hannibal took it a bit personal…"
"Lecter, what do you think you are doing…?"

"I really hope Chef Ramsay is okay."
"Don’t worry, Will."
"He will be absolutely perfect with caramelised onions." 

[For my friend Monica]

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The last picture is the face of fear.

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maybe I’ll get famous as the man who can’t be moved,
and maybe you won’t mean to, but you’ll see me on the news,
and you’ll come running to the corner,
‘cause you know it’s just for you 

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